Powerful crypto
payment platform

Accept and send payments with full-fledged cryptocurrency management
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No registration fees
or hidden taxes
Instant global
No rolling reserve and
zero Chargebacks
Unlimited payments
and payouts

Onchain Pay supports +50 coins and tokens across 12 blockchain networks

Easy start without KYB
To start managing payments with Onchain Pay, you need to register with your e-mail - no other documents are required
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The lowest commission on the market

Fair pricing without any hidden fees or markups. Custom plans for businesses with high rates or specific business needs.
0.5% Transaction Commission

Recurring payments Beta Testing

Onchain Pay created an easy to use recurring payment system for merchant stores. These payments will work via our smart contract, and merchants' clients will need just a web3 wallet to use it
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Accept all payments in crypto

Intuitive tools for billing and accepting payments
Set up the amount, payment currency, an expiration timer and send an invoice via link or e-mail
Go borderless and add cryptocurrency as a payment method for your online business
Your consumers can pay with any crypto and we convert it to your preferred one
Track all your invoices with an intuitive dashboard
Choose who pays the comission - you or the customer

Payouts in various cryptocurrencies and networks with one command

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Payment ledger via API or personal account
Manual and auto-withdrawals to your external wallet
Mass payouts via CSV
Separate payin-payout balances
Anonymous execution of transactions
Payouts in +50 currencies across 12 networks
API Integration
Unleash Onchain Pay’s full power with our API
Agile integration Depending on your business process, we can adapt and help with the choice of integration methods
Easy to setup
  • Clear documentation with step-by-step instructions
  • Developers support during integration
  • Translation of documents into a convenient language
Flexible settings Everything can be configured automatically: receiving payments, automatic withdrawals, crypto exchanges and cross-chain swaps
A comprehensive business wallet
Separate storing in payment acceptance networks with transaction history download
All crypto addresses available for replenishment and instant withdrawals
Accumulation of payments for further usage
Swap and Blockchain bridge
Swap Accept payments in any currency and fix your profit with the best exchange rate
Blockchain bridge Accumulate profit in a network that is convenient for you
Separate balance for your commissions
Stop worrying about gas fees of different networks - Onchain Pay has a separate wallet for paying commissions and gas fees via stablecoins
01. No time wasted with commission payment - one balance for all types of fees!
02. Incoming payments are sent to your wallet without commission deduction
03. You can process payments even with zero balance
04. Replenishment from both external and internal wallets
Unlimited accounts and team access
Start managing your company by creating multiple organizations with different team members and responsibilities.
Different account roles and separate access for your team members
Create different organizations within one account and choose who will have access to its management
Convenient tool for crypto donations
Create a donation page from your personal account, customize it based on your personal brand and get a link
Start tracking your donations from your supporters with the ability to receive messages attached to each payment. the donation page
Customer support
We know many stories when payers sent the wrong coins or confused the network. But no worries! If the recipient's address is correct, we will solve the problem.
Technical support
01. Integration support
02. Troubleshooting
03. Help getting started
04. Available 24/7